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  • Project Delays & Abandonment

    Project Delays & Abandonment

    • With all the moving parts involved in a project it is not uncommon to find that one contractor cannot complete its work until another contractor finishes their portion of the project. Given this interplay, it is no wonder why timely completion of each individuals contractor’s portion of the work is critical to project profit margins. Read More
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  • Liens and Non-Payment Litigation

    Liens and Non-Payment Issues

    • In Texas, lien law is often referred to as a legal minefield. The strict requirements of the property code make it necessary that the attorneys in this area be very familiar with the statute. Our office understands this statute and its complexities. We know what to send, who to send it to, and when it should be sent, to protect our client’s interest. We work closely with our clients to make sure that these liens are filed timely and contain the correct information. Read More
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  • Defect Litigation

    Defect Litigation

    • There are many moving parts and relationships at play in commercial and large residential projects. These projects are likely to have design professionals; developers and owners; contractors and suppliers. We understand these relationships and how the oversight of any person in the chain can lead everyone into litigation. Read More
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  • Change Order Disputes

    Change Order Disputes

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